Watch 4 Folder is a powerful application developed to monitor a folder and warn you of any detected activity.

The configuration process comes down to four different steps, each requiring nothing more than basic technical knowledge.

First of all, users need to select the folder to watch and decide whether subfolders should be monitored too or not.

Step number two is all about the events to be tracked, with available options including file removal, renaming, association changing, free space, folder creation, removal or renaming and media deletion.

If you reach step three, then you need to configure the actions to be triggered on events. Watch 4 Folder can automatically execute a program or a batch file, write the information to a log file or simply pop up a message and issue a desktop alert.

The fourth and the last step is actually the beginning of the monitoring process, with Watch 4 Folder running minimized to Tray to keep you up to date with any changes in the target folder.

One of the best things about Watch 4 Folder is that it does its job without hampering system performance at all, which is quite important since it was designed to run minimized.

All things considered, Watch 4 Folder is a helpful product for all those who want to keep an eye on folder and file activity with minimum effort. Most similar apps come with much more complicated features, so Watch 4 Folder can be safely installed by both rookies and more experienced users.