Watermark is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you protect your images by embedding personalized text watermarks.

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to apply text watermarks on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to tweak the dedicated parameters with minimal effort. The tool lets you switch to a full screen mode and preview the adjustments applied to the picture directly into the primary panel.

Files can be added in the working environment using the built-in browse button so you cannot rely on the drag-and-drop. It works with JPG or BMP file format.

Watermark gives you the possibility to work with a single image, so you cannot process multiple items at the same time. You can type in the text directly into the primary panel or paste the information from the clipboard, and customize the text in terms of font, font style, size, color, as well as background color.

What’s more, you are allowed to add shadow, alter the RGB values, choose the watermark position on the image, and export the picture to JPG or BMP file format.

Tests have shown that Watermark carries out a task quickly and provides very good output quality. It leaves a minimal footprint on system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

All in all, Watermark cannot be named the most powerful application from its category but it brings some essential features to the table for helping you apply text watermark to your photos, and is suitable especially for less experienced users.