WAV files are known to be quite large, which is why even a relatively small number of songs can end up using a significant amount of disk space. Additionally, these files are not particularly easy to share with others.

WAV File Size Reduce Software is a simple application that offers a solution to these issues, as it enables you to batch compress WAV files. However, no information is provided about the methods employed, so it is difficult to say how audio quality may be affected.

Whenever you want to process one or more files, you only need to drop them onto the main application window. Alternatively, you can select the folder they are stored in and import everything at once.

Once the operation has been completed, you can save the files anywhere you like, and there are two naming options to choose from.

During our tests, the processed files were reduced to about half their original size, so it is clear that the program is effective. However, the compression method is not explained, so there is no way of telling how audio quality is affected.

It is safe to say that a loss in quality is to be expected, but the application does not allow you to customize the processing parameters in any way.

While the lack of customization options and documentation are the biggest issues, it is also worth mentioning that the program’s interface could use some significant improvements, as it is noticeably out of date.

All in all, WAV File Size Reduce Software is a straightforward application that could prove to be useful if you find yourself having to store numerous WAV files. However, while the program can certainly compress your files, it does not offer any customization options or documentation, and it features a disappointing user interface.