While WAV audio files are certainly superior in quality when compared to tracks saved to various lossy formats, storing more than a few of them on your hard drive is not feasible because of their large file size.

WAV To AAC Converter Software is a simple, no-nonsense application that can be used to encode numerous sound files in a quick and efficient manner. It does its job well, but it features a very outdated user interface.

This is certainly not a complex application, but users who need to process large numbers of files can take advantage of its batch conversion capabilities.

In order to import the source files more quickly, you can simply select the containing folder and load them all in one go, but you also have the option of selecting and adding one or more items using drag and drop actions.

It should be clear from the get-go that WAV To AAC Converter Software may not be very well suited for experts, as it offers a limited number of customization options. However, novices are likely to appreciate its straightforward design.

When processing the source files, you can specify if the program should maintain the same bit rate, in order to complete the job more quickly, or employ a constant bit rate defined by the user.

Appearance-wise, WAV To AAC Converter Software is fairly disappointing, as the user interface noticeably out of date. However, the UI layout is very straightforward, as all the main functions can be accessed easily from the main program window.

In conclusion, WAV To AAC Converter Software is a no-frills application that allows you to encode WAV files to the AAC format. It offers limited functionality, however, as most of the output parameters cannot be customized, and it features an outdated user interface.