While they may offer superior sound quality, few people can afford to store too many WAV files on their PCs due to their large sizes, which is why they are often compressed using various encoders.

WAV To MP3 Converter Software is a very simple utility that enables you to convert multiple WAV files to the MP3 format. It is very user-friendly, but it does not allow you to customize the processing parameters.

If you need to encode a considerable number of tracks, this application can certainly provide a solution. You can load them all at once, either by using drag and drop or by selecting the folder they are located in, and then process them in one operation.

Once they have all been converted, the output files are saved to a specified location on your hard drive.

Unfortunately, advanced users are not likely to be impressed with WAV To MP3 Converter Software, as it does not allow you to change the preset encoding parameters in any way.

The default bit rate setting is 128 kbps, which many audiophiles believe to be insufficient. Of course, if you simply want to convert some tracks quickly, and sound quality is not terribly important, this program should do the job just fine.

WAV To MP3 Converter Software features a rather disappointing interface, as it clearly has not been updated in quite some time. This may not be a problem for some users, but those who are more familiar with modern-looking applications may turn to another encoding utility.

All in all, WAV To MP3 Converter Software is a simplistic program that allows you to convert WAV files to the MP3 format. It does the job it was designed for, but users may not be happy with the lack of customization options.