Irrespective of whether you are looking for a simple tool to record and adjust your podcasts or you want to restore and digitize some old tapes or records you got your hands on, there is a chance that you are on the lookout for an audio editor.

WaveCut Audio Editor is an application that enables you to playback and edit multiple audio tracks using powerful, but intuitive tools in a versatile environment.

Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by a rather minimalistic, yet appropriate interface that is easy to understand and navigate. Since the utility has been developed as an improved version of Wave Editor, one of the differences consists of the fact that the tool enables you to open several tracks simultaneously in separate windows at the same time.

In addition, the application has been optimized to support multicore processors, an improvement that can increase the processing speed as well as reduce delays during the processing. Lastly, the utility includes two extra functions besides the play and stop, namely Mover Cursor to Start and End.

You should know that the tool works with a plethora of audio files, from the widely spread MP3, WMA and WAV to complex formats that preserve the sound quality, such as FLAC, AIFF, AAC, AC3, OPUS, SPEEX, OptimFROG, ALAC or TTA, just to name a few. On a side note, the app only supports MP3 and WAV as output formats

Similarly to its predecessor, the program allows you to enhance your audio samples by trimming them and applying various effects, such as reverse, silence, amplify, normalize or amplify, for instance. Considering that it supports multiple windows and trimming, you can cut audio samples and work on each slice separately.

While it is true that it lacks several advanced effects and filters, WaveCut Audio Editor is intuitive and packs some handy utensils for sound normalization, amplification or can be a straightforward tool for trimming audio samples.