If you’re into music production, DJ-ing, editing or simply audio broadcasting, chances are that you’ve heard of Steinberg. After all, they’ve been into the music industry from the 80s and since then are responsible for Cubase, a very large number of professional grade VST plugins, as well as a few pieces of hardware.

With a solid background in all things audio, WaveLab Elements was developed to offer the novice user a great starting point in editing which actually holds a good deal of pleasant surprises for advanced users as well.

Right off the bat, WaveLab Elements is a visually appealing piece of software. It’s not what you call modern looking but its tools are well placed throughout the main window and provide quick access to everything you need.

If you’re new to editing, the workspace might seem a bit cluttered at first but after a quick read of the user’s manual things become clear very fast and once you start to work on a track or two, WaveLab Elements becomes easy to use.

Apart from the classic cut, copy, normalize and zoom functions, WaveLab Elements provides tools that make it possible for you to perform more elaborate, in-depth adjustments to tracks or recordings.

You are able to analyze an audio file and check for peak levels, bit depth and general recording errors, which you can then remove or correct with specialized tools. WaveLab Elements comes with a series of VST plugins that you can use to remove background noise which should be of great help if you’re looking to stream audio.

If you’re just looking to enhance the audio quality of your music collection or your own productions, then WaveLab Elements is able to deliver studio quality results without overcomplicating things.

With the above barely scratching the surface of what the application can actually do, it’s more than safe to say that if you’re looking for a straightforward and accessible audio editor, then WaveLab Elements can be your go to software.