Yet another media player? Hardly. WaveMagic is a very capable audio player and recorder with some powerful extras built in.

WaveMagic plays most popular music formats, including MP3, AAC, M4A, and of course pure PCM wave files. It records directly in WAV (PCM) and MP3 formats. But that's just the beginning.

WaveMagic does things with audio that most people describe as "magic." For starters, you get a complete and programmable graphic equalizer and compressor.

Unlike anyone else, we give you total control over your sound. Our graphic equalizer is fully customizable.

The frequency ranges and boost-cut ranges are fully user-definable (the default frequency settings are in third-octave intervals, just like in pro gear). Program up to +/- 80 dB (wow!) of boost or cut at each equalizer frequency. Our compressor uses virtual look-ahead (to prevent pops and thumps in your audio) and is also fully programmable, just like the rest of the graphic equalizer.

Use it to "punch up" weak audio tracks. Or use it to control the overall volume of your listening, automatically (great for broadcast and background music applications). The equalizer and compressor work in real-time with any media you're playing. You can also engage them in real-time during recording. In addition, you can also touch up previously recorded audio files using either tool.

Special effects are no problem for WaveMagic. Need to correct the pitch or tempo of a sound file? WaveMagic lets you adjust these two independently. Use it to slow down a musical piece as you practice along with it (in perfect pitch). Or speed up your speech (without changing pitch) to create your own annoying disclaimers!

Have you ever noticed how annoying it is to set record levels with most other software? You know the drill: Open the Windows mixer; mess with the levels; make trial recording; repeat until it's right. Our engineers were very annoyed with existing software!

WaveMagic works just like professional recording equipment. It shows record levels in real-time using accurate simulated VU meters (true VU ballistics and calibrated within +/- 0.5 dB over the entire meter scale).

No second guessing! WaveMagic offers perfect recordings every time. An absolute necessity for Podcasting! In case you're really in need of more display information, WaveMagic also gives you a real-time spectrum analyzer (with both linear and log detectors, accurate to

These can be handy for verifying the cleanliness of your recording. They're also great for checking on the health of your sound card!

WaveMagic gives you real-time audio when scrolling through a file, which is very handy when you're searching for a particular passage. In addition, the days of searching for the Windows mixer are over.

You get basic controls for Line Input, Microphone, and Output Level right on the WaveMagic front panel. And the system mixer is just one click away, because you get a direct-access button for it as well.

WaveMagic supports text-based playlists in both WPL (WaveMagic Playlist) and M3U (WinAmp) formats. Advanced features such as Repeat, Shuffle and Chaining are supported directly within the playlist language itself.

Do you have a favorite collection of recordings "locked" in old vinyl or tape recordings? WaveMagic can help. Its automatic track extractor lets you record entire albums without worrying about where each selection begins.

The track extractor works with most music and speech and is adjustable to match the type of recording you're working with.

WaveMagic has a built-in TCP host function (turned off by default for security) that will let you remotely control the program. The functionality is completely open and documented in the WaveMagic instructions.


· 32 MB RAM

· 150 MHz (or faster CPU)


· 30 days trial