WD Anywhere Backup is an approachable software application that lets you perform file backups by following a few simple steps. Data backup tools are mandatory for any responsible PC users, since it readies them for bad scenarios that involve file loss, corruption, or accidental deletion.

The setup operation takes little time to finish and minimal user assistance. Its interface is based on a wizard where you have to follow a few simple steps to finish a backup job easily: select your backup destination, the files to copy, and a name for the backup plan.

Apart from the hard drive, the app is able to copy the files to the network locations, USB drives, and iPod devices. Other options are also available.

For example, you can specify the maximum number of additional versions to keep for each file, quickly back up all items from special folders (e.g. My Documents, My Pictures), as well as point out bookmarks,  pictures, or any other files from the disk.

More backup items can be added to the plan, and you can consult the required and available space in real time. Furthermore, WD Anywhere Backup lets you exclude any items from the backup job.

During a backup job, the software application runs silently in the background and informs users that it might be resource-demanding. Once the full backup is created, its contents will be automatically updated when the source files are modified or deleted, or new ones are added.

You can create as many backup plans as you want, as well as verify their integrity to make sure the files are not damaged. Plus, ongoing backup jobs can be paused and resumed later, delete files can be purged, while alerts can be hidden.

No error messages popped up in our evaluation, and the tool did not hang or crash. It uses significant system resources and may take a while to complete a backup job, depending on the file size and hardware abilities.

All in all, WD Anywhere Backup provides a convenient solution to backing up files, accompaniby handy features and configuration settings.