Web Archive Downloader is a piece of software designed to help users when they need to download various archived web content to their computers.

The application comes with a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), which ensures that it can be used without effort by all kinds of users, including those who do not posses advanced computer knowledge.

All that users need to do in order to get started with the program is to introduce the URL of a website. Next, the tool searches the address for all of the available URLs, when provides users with a list of these links.

Users are provided with a wide range of management options when it comes to the content that can be downloaded from a specific website.

Should the list contain too many files, the application can be set to grab only those added in a specific period of time, or to download all of the available content.

The utility can grab HTML web pages, JavaScript, style sheets, images and videos from a website, but it also allows users to download only newer versions of files, and to modify the content, so that only the important files are downloaded.

Basically, Web Archive Downloader has been designed as a web crawler, being able to index and download all web pages from a site.

What users should keep in mind when taking advantage of its capabilities, however, is the fact that it needs a lot of time to retrieve the URL list of large websites, and that it also loads the computer's processor up to 100% while doing so.

All in all, Web Archive Downloader is an easy-to-use, reliable tool for downloading archived web content without much effort. The app comes with an intuitive interface, but it requires a good amount of time and computer resources to do its job, especially when it comes to large websites.