Web Excavator is a powerful tool for downloading entire web sites or specific files from web sites. Downloading a website can be very useful from an education prospective and for content that you which to browse offline.

Also, there are an incredible number of sites within the Internet that include interesting or useful images. Downloading many images using a standard browser is extremely time consuming, as you must wait for the web page containing the images to load, click on each individual picture and specify the location where it will be saved. Web Excavator greatly simplifies this process.

Once you have entered a URL, Web Excavator parses it and downloads the chosen file types (e.g. all files or only images, movies, etc.) to a specified folder.

You can also set the program to explore the entire web site and retrieve only those files that meet your specifications. It offers several filter options that allow you to limit the results, so it only downloads those you actually want from the web pages. You can even tell it to follow links to other websites; so that it can search for other files you are interested in on other websites.

Here are some key features of "Web ExcavatorWeb Excavator":

■ Easily download entire websites.

■ Easily download exactly the file types you want from an individual page, a whole site, or follow any links and download from those sites too!

■ Numerous filters to ensure you download only those files you need.

■ Fast download of up to 32 files simultaneously.

■ Dynamically view and remove files in the download queue.

■ Search for and delete duplicate files (even if they have different file names).

■ Resume interrupted downloads.

■ Optionally remember all files downloaded so they are not downloaded again.


■ 30 day trial