Web Password Wizard is a useful program that can password protect web pages with just a few clicks!

No need to learn complicated perl, php, ASP and Web database, no need to learn encryption algorithms, no need to write a piece of CGI script, Web Password Wizard will guide you password protect web page, html page and whole web site in just a few clicks!

Here are some key features of "Web Password Wizard":

■ Password protect HTML files in just a few clicks!

■ Manage more than 100 user groups and more than 1000 users in each group.

■ Each user group has its own rights to HTML files.

■ After login, users belong to different groups will be led to different web pages.

■ Supports all kinds of web servers, does not require CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB support or any special web software.

■ Strong encryption algorithms to provide best security;

■ Encrypt HTML source code.

■ Easy to use wizard style interface


■ AD banner on the protected web page

This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.