Downloading pictures from the Internet is obviously a two-click job thanks to today’s advanced browsers, but Web Pictures Downloader is an app that promises to make everything a lot faster, especially when it is necessary to grab multiple pictures as quickly as possible.

The actual purpose of this particular application is to help you download the photos published on a specific website with a single click, rather than by taking them one at a time.

This makes everything a breeze especially when trying to download photo galleries, regardless of the websites they’re published on.

Web Pictures Downloader has a simple interface, although beginners might need some time to figure out how to use the program.

In essence, writing down the website URL and hitting the “Start to download” button should do the job, with a few options at your disposal to download either only the thumbnails or the large photos.

The options screen is the one that requires more attention because it holds a great amount of features, including configurable settings concerning the output folder and the picture names, thumbnails, search, connection and authentication for password-protected websites.

Web Pictures Downloader can download only JPG and GIF pictures, which is actually one of the drawbacks when it comes to the overall downloading process. Otherwise, it completes the job in no time, without slowing down the computer.

The conclusion is rather simple: Web Pictures Downloader is indeed useful, but it needs major improvements to meet users’ expectations. It supports just a couple of formats and some of the available settings need more documentation so as to make the application more novice-friendly.