If you want to download multiple pictures from certain websites, saving them individually can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Web Pictures Grabber is a simple tool that allows you to extract any number of images from web pages of your choice, then save them to your computer.

If you simply wish to start downloading pictures immediately, the application offers a quick mode, which only requires that you enter the starting URL. However, if you desire more customization, you can set up an advanced task and modify numerous parameters.

You can determine whether Web Pictures Grabber only searches for images within the current site or directory, or anywhere the web page might link to. Also, you can specify the maximum number of links the program should follow.

If a web page is idle for a specified period of time, you can have the program skip it automatically.

Additionally, you can specify whether the application should only download images that are larger than preset width and height values.

After you have extracted a certain amount of images, you can preview them within the application, as well as use the program's built-in image viewer. Web Pictures Grabber also features a file explorer, which can be used to search for the downloaded files.

Moreover, you can use this application to create thumbnails for downloaded pictures or even for existing images from your computer.

The application's interface can be customized in various ways. You can choose to hide the image preview pane or the list displaying image names, links and dimensions. Additionally, the application can display the image grabbing tasks or the built-in file explorer.

However, the interface is rather outdated and the included image viewer only offers very basic functions.

Overall, Web Pictures Grabber can help you download multiple images from any website and allows you to modify numerous searching parameters, to ensure that you locate the files you need.