Web ScreenSaver Builder is an application that allows you to save your favorite web pages as screen savers with music included.

The easy-to-use interface lets you generate a screen saver with no effort when you use the program for the first time. A preview option is available which gives you the possibility to see what you have created before applying it.

Web ScreenSaver Builder makes use of web pages and various image formats, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG, to create and display your own screen savers.

The files can be uploaded in the main window using only the built-in browse button since the drag-and-drop option is not available. Unfortunately, only one file can be imported at a time since the adding of multiple files at once is not supported.

Once the files or the web links are imported, you can proceed with the customization process. A wide range of options are available, allowing you to create a screen saver that fits your needs.

Web ScreenSaver Builder lets you add your preferred music files, such as MP3, WAV, and MID. You can set the volume and repeat the song many times.

A 'Clock' setting is also present which can be used to display the time when the screen saver is up. In addition, you can tweak several extra display options. You can use it to change the position, size, type, and color of the time.

Plus, the program can be used to protect your computer. You can set a password that is needed to unlock your computer once the screen saver starts.

Taking all things into consideration, Web ScreenSaver Builder proves to be a useful tool allowing its users to create their own, customized screen saver. It can be tweaked by beginners and professionals alike.