Due to the large amount of threats present in the online medium, it is not that far fetched to believe that your webcam is being spied on, or that your microphone conversations are being monitored and recorded. Hence, you can take the appropriate measures and stop any such attempt, by securing the devices in question.

Webcam Protector is a software utility designed to help you maintain your privacy while you are video chatting with friends or family, by securing the webcam feed from any malicious attempt. Thus, a random image is placed over the video, in order to deny any outside access while you are not actively using the device.

As far as the actual procedure is concerned, all you are required to do is press the appropriate button and the application takes care of the rest. Although it is rather difficult to test whether it is possible to bypass the protection it offers you, it does make it more difficult nonetheless, as long as the rest of your computer is secure as well.

Since webcams are almost always used with a microphone as well, you have the possibility to protect it as well. If you want to minimize the risk of being listened to by a third party, Webcam Protector enables you to deny outside access to your sound capturing device, by blocking any attempt to tap into it.

Unfortunately, you are not offered too many other features or settings and you cannot customize any of the available functions. You can, however, enable or disable voice alerts, which come into play when someone attempts to take control of your webcam. In addition, you can also choose to include the application in the startup programs list.

All in all, despite the general lack of features, Webcam Protector can be a good way to assure yourself that you are not being watched or listened to, especially if you value your privacy above else. In addition, the lack of functions translates into a very simple and easy-to-use user interface, with very intuitive controls, making it a great tool for anyone, regardless of any previous computer experience.