Webcam Watch is a reliable tool that allows you to set up a simple surveillance system for your computer, using your webcam. The program can autonomously capture live motion through the available webcams and detect the level of dissimilarity. Should such events occur, the program can notify you via email.

Webcam Watch can capture the live feed from either of the installed webcams. You need to select the desired device before starting the detection process, as well as enable video recording and saving the files to a local folder. The software allows you to apply light filters, in order to optimize the captured image.

The program can record the raw input or apply median and mean filters. Moreover, you can select the size of the kernel from three available options: 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7. The contrast may easily be adjusted, in order to capture a proper image. You need to also set the dissimilarity threshold for generating alerts and choose whether you should receive notifications via email.

Webcam Watch can save evidence of the motion recorded by the webcam and save the files in a local folder. Alternatively, it can only save the recordings during high levels of dissimilarity. The dissimilarity alert minimum value ranges from 5% to 95%, although the recorded values may easily be higher.

Simply fill in your email address in the designated field, in order to receive the notifications by email. The dissimilarity percentage is calculated in real time, the resulting value being displayed at the top of the window.

Webcam Watch uses the video/audio/image capturing devices, connected to your computer via USB, in order to detect dissimilarity. It can constantly record movements, in an autonomous mode and display the results in the Dissimilarity Plot area, in its interface. The program, however, requires a significant amount of the computer's resources: memory, CPU and storage space.