Online researching sessions for any type of project, no matter the topic usually results in different pieces of information from multiple sources. Whether it is the Internet, digital books, articles or any other resource, you end up having a mix of contents in no particular order. With an application such as WeBooK, that comes to an end.

WeBooK acts very much like your own personal reading and research assistant by helping you keep all the diverse data sources organized. In other words, scattered pieces of information you stumble upon during the research are carefully collected and compiled into a single, comprehensive material. As its developers say, WeBooK allows you to surf the web and build your book, a book that contains all those precious contents you want saved, regardless of their source.

Before you begin, you should be aware that WeBooK has a special requirement: A Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome itself is required to be able to use the application. The reason is that a data collector Chrome add-on must be installed to allow streamlined communication between the browser and WeBooK. What this extension does is help you quickly send pieces of information you want logged in your personal library to the desktop application.

WeBooK comes with a sample to help you understand how everything works. Information can be easily organized in different folders, each containing multiple pages, URLs, and even data imported from Chrome bookmarks. Additionally, the application can extract data from local files, providing support for various formats, namely: DOCX, HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI and AZW3. In other words, you can bring all your scattered pieces of information together into a single, organized directory and access it whenever needed.

There are various web content fetching methods is WeBooK, which allows you to grab content with or without images. For your convenience, pieces of text can be sent to WeBooK directly from the browser if the extension is installed.

The advantage of WeBooK is that it you to save a piece of information you know is useful for your written paper or project as soon as you stumble upon it. What is more, all this gathered data can be then saved as an e-book in one of the supported formats: EPUB2, EPUB3, KOEPUB, PDF, MOBI or AZW3.

Working with an application such as WeBooK makes it possible for you to organize all the diverse data pieces you find useful for your project. With its help, you can easily mark resources that you consider important for your project and enjoy a more relaxed online research session, without having to work with dozens of bookmarks, saved tabs, articles and different files.