WebPaper is a new wallpaper software unlike any other!

WebPaper sits out of the way in your system tray. Changing your wallpaper has never been easier, with a single menu selection, you can go to the next wallpaper in your playlist.

Seen a gallery on a site that you really love and wish you could use for your source of wallpapers? Missing home, wishing that you could see what your home city looks like each time you turn on your computer? With WebPaper, you can download images automatically from the internet and have them displayed as your wallpaper.

We all have hobbies that we love to pursue; with WebPaper, those hobbies can become your wallpaper. You can set WebPaper so that each morning, you have a new image to greet you as you log onto your computer or you can set it to change as you go through the day.

With the content of the internet, or whether you have your own image collection that you love, WebPaper can help you personalise your desktop.

Here are some key features of "WebPaper":

■ Easily search the web for images that match your interests

■ View webcams online as your wallpaper

■ Gallery mode allows you to use an online image gallery as a wallpaper source.

■ Webpaper is able to display almost any image you have on your computer

■ TGA, PCX, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG and other formats such as Shockwave are supported

■ Refresh the wallpaper at the times you specify, from as small as 30 seconds to as much as once a week

■ With hotkeys, you can change your wallpaper at the touch of a button

■ If you have images that are too big or too small, it has high quality resizing routines to keep the images at maximum quality

■ Set your background colour to easily go with your pictures and icons


■ 10 days trial