As its name suggests, Website Phone Number & Email Extractor is a handy software application designed to help you grab both phone numbers and email addresses located anywhere on individual pages of a website. Its plus is that it can process multiple links in one go, crawling each page to find the requested data.

Working with Website Phone Number & Email Extractor is pretty intuitive due to its straightforward interface and simple options. You first have to select the type of data you are looking for. It’s either phone numbers or email addresses. Unfortunately, it cannot be both at the same time.

The next step is to add the links you want the application to parse. You can add them manually one by one, each on a separate line but keep in mind that a list of URLs can also be imported from a DOC, DOCX or an RTF file.

For your convenience, the application comes with quick link management tools and filtering options that allow you to select the URLs that match a specific content-related condition.

You can choose how deep the scanner should go: it can analyze just the links in the list, all the URLs it finds or all the URLs that belong to the same domain. The scan depth is customizable, which is quite useful if you are dealing with a large website.

As a plus, Website Phone Number & Email Extractor features support for regular expressions. In other words, you can extract custom data using regular expressions to apply certain filters and rules. The found data can be saved automatically to a CSV file or you can export it manually as a CSV file or a TXT file.

Website Phone Number & Email Extractor is easy to use and allows you to easily find email addresses and phone numbers on a bunch of websites. Its advanced data filters and the support for regular expressions allow you to clean the final database before saving it, all without too much effort. One of its perks is the speed, as it can process dozens of links in a short period of time.