WebSpeak is a program that will give your web page life and make it much more fun. When someone visits your web page, a Microsoft Agent character pops out and starts talking.

You can program the character to speak, or select an animation from many animations. WebSpeak is extra easy to use and no programming or coding knowledge necessary. WebSpeak will create the code for you. It's that simple.


■ Internet Explorer version 3.02 or later

■ A Pentium 75 MHz PC (or faster)

■ At least 16MB of RAM.

Requirements to Preview the Created Web Page:

■ A Windows-compatible sound card.

■ Microsoft Agent 2.0 Control (Automatically downloaded when viewing an Agent web site)

■ Microsoft Agent Web Pages (such as the ones created with WebSpeak) require a browser that supports the ActiveX technology such as Internet Explorer 3.02 and up.


■ You cannot save project in the trial version