As an employer, you might be required to monitor the work-related activity of your employees, especially in the case of remote workers.

In this instance, fortunately, you can turn to specialized software solutions that can help you achieve the desired effect with the least amount of effort, for example, WebWork Tracker.

In a few words, the utility makes it possible for you to monitor the activity of your employees with the help of features that enable you to take screenshots of their activity at any desired time or at certain time intervals and by recording and the keystrokes and number of mouse clicks.

This is the perfect time to point out that the service / app comes with support for three types of account types, namely Owner, Employee and Manager.

As long as you make sure that Java is present on your computer, the app undergoes a streamlined installation, after which it automatically integrates itself with the taskbar.

Evidently, to get started, you will need to first log in using your official WebWork Tracker credentials.

The program's interface is comprised out of a minimalist taskbar menu that enables you to start and stop the recording process, as well as to access the app's Reports and Screenshots sections and a web-based Dashboard.

This said, once you click the designated buttons, the app's web-based, secondary interface is launched by your default web-browser. Regardless of your experience, getting to grips with the app's main features should not pose any challenge.

By going through the provided sections in the upper part of its web-based interface, you can directly access comprehensive reports regarding screenshots and the employee activity.

Taking everything into account, WebWork Tracker is a useful and efficient solution for keeping track of the activity of your employees and, since it's Java-based, you are in no way hindered by possible limitation between Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Sure, with limited options for exporting the reports (for example, no possibility to export to Excel spreadsheets), no support for automatic reports via email, no integration with social media or communication services to quickly share information and no iOS and Android counterparts, it might not be the best tool out there.

Nevertheless, WebWork Tracker offers a good balance between a sheer number of features and simplicity, making it ideally suited for keeping track of the activity of small or medium-sized teams.