After times like these, everybody has to take a look at themselves and consider investing time and effort into getting back in shape. When talking about exercise and workouts, there are two types of people. Those who keep track of their entire routine and diet, and those who lift just for the pleasure of lifting. If you are part of the first category, then you've already gathered data from previous training periods, and you'll probably start doing that again. WeightHub is a handy utility that can help you synchronize all training information in order to let you compare the results so you can have a better idea about your general evolution.

Keep in mind that this app is not a personal trainer. So don't expect to contain workout routines or tips on how to get leaner or stronger. WeightHub helps only with storing data related to your body transformation. In short, you'd have to start taking daily notes regarding your weight and progression to fully make use of this app.

All in all, WeightHub looks like a fairly simple tracker that can help you keep an eye on your gains and compare them with older results. It may not be the right tool for someone who has no workout history, but it can come in handy for professional athletes or people who take weight loss and workouts seriously.