When it comes to editing images, the Internet offers all sort of software solutions that you can check out. One of them is WePaint.

It's a neat program that incorporates lots of features and tools for editing your images and making them stand out. You can add filters, draw on pictures, apply multiple layers and get creative with your images.

The application sports a really fluent but clogged graphical interface. You can access all of its sections from the toolbar and explore lots of tools and brushes for drawing on images.

It comes with a tutorial that would get you familiarized with features that you could use. It also has a wizard that would guide you through the steps of creating new images from scratch. It comes with the option to change the application's layout and theme.

You have the option to create new images, open pictures from your computer, load from clipboard, capture images from the screen or reopen last modified images. You can adjust the aspect ratio, change pixel size, image resolution and print size.

It lets you use multiple brush sizes and colors. You can work on multiple images at the same time and navigate through them using tabs. It also comes with the option to insert all sort of elements in your project, mostly images from your computer.

You can use all sort of effects to enhance your images and all tools are arranged into categories. It allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, insert curves, add blur, distort sections and much more.

Art brushes can be used as to simulate the use of actual acrylic or oil brushes on your pictures. It allows you to create multiple layers and add them to your project.

You can also insert various stickers to your projects and manage add-ons so you would get access to more tools. When you're done editing, you can share your pictures on social networks, attach them to emails or send them to other applications.

All in all, WePaint is one of the most complex applications for drawing on images and making all sort of changes to them, before sharing pictures with your friends.