Man has always tried to predict weather conditions and now it is possible from the comfort of your desktop. Various gadgets or desktop enhancements give you this liberty and WetSock makes no exception from letting you know how it's like outside without having to take a look out the window.

When running the application for the first time, you are required to specify several details, such as location, connection settings and a few minor adjustments. Information can be displayed for more cities all around the world.

This can be easily accessed and updated, but there is no implemented function that allows you to simultaneously view more cities. Moreover, there is no way to include, for example, all cities from a country.

The biggest disappointment while using the application is that you are only kept up to date with current conditions. There is no option that allows you to view a history of events, nor is there any info shown for upcoming days.

Generous amount of info is put at your disposal though, as in the main window of the applications temperature is displayed, as well as humidity, overall visibility and even exact coordinates of the location.

Furthermore, a 24 hour forecast displays weather events that have an increased chance of occurrence, specified in hour intervals. This is as far as predictions go and can be updated at the click of a button or even choose to set the application to do this for you every once in a while.

To sum it up, WetSock is a handy application that wants to offer important information but does not really know how. Predictions only stretch up to 24 hours making it a utility you can't rely on to plan a vacation, as short as it may be. It's only good to let you know how weather is like without having to leave your chair.