WeTube is a third-party application that brings YouTube to your desktop, as a standalone application. Besides the obvious searching and watching features, WeTube incorporates some extra functions that will surely boost your overall YouTube experience.

If you don't have it already installed, Microsoft Edge will be prompted for install in order to open WeTube. No matter what other browsers you have on your computer, Edge is mandatory. We have tested this aspect on a system with multiple browsers installed, like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, but the prompt still pops up.

Even if it's not an actual browser tab, it still gives you that feeling. And as you are already familiar with YouTube's layout, you won't face any issues with the operation.

Of course, there is an extra element on top of the classic look, and that is the WeTube toolbar. From this toolbar, you can capture frames, download video or audio content, transform text to speech and more.

After you access a video, some functions on the toolbar might get activated. If you intend to download a video, or its audio feed, look for the floppy disk icon. Make sure you select one of the available resolutions and proceed to snag the file.

To activate the ad-blocker you have to navigate to the settings menu and look for the first entry. The blocker is divided into three parts that can be individually activated/deactivated. If you feel like you'd want to let banners or annotations come trough, you can simply uncheck them.

The camera and the directional buttons are strictly related to frame selection and output. If you want to extract certain frames out of your videos, you can use WeTube to locate and save them.

Furthermore, if you have a foreign subtitled video that you cannot watch, but only listen to, the first toolbar function can help out.

WeTube is a simple application takes YouTube along with some of the most common tweaks for it and delivers that as a single package. Recommended for users who prefer to have a single tool that can do the job of multiple browser extensions.