WhatAMark is a reliable application that enables you to place watermarks or sets of watermarks over multiple pictures at the same time. The software supports placing text or image watermarks and allows you to customize their transparency, size, placement on the image or font style and color.

WhatAMark allows you to stamp one or several images in one session, however, you need to import them all when you open the software. The images are displayed either in a list or as large thumbnails, opposite the preview of the final result. You may add one or several watermarks on the same image and preview the output file as a thumbnail or at its full resolution.

You may zoom in on the picture, in order to observe the placement of the watermark and assess its accuracy. The supported stamps are text and secondary images, placed as a layer on top of the basic picture. You may create a series of watermarks on the same image, by creating multiple instances, or Flows.

Each stamp can be adjusted according to its nature. For example, in case of a text, you can adjust the font style, size, color and alterations (bold, italic, underline). Moreover, you can add a semi-transparent background to all watermarks, in order for them to be visible even against a highly detailed base picture.

In case of a picture, you may decide whether to display it in a corner or to expand it across the base picture. Both types of watermark support adjustment of their transparency, size and position on the base picture.

The same settings you made for one watermark apply to all pictures you loaded when opening the software. WhatAMark can easily process the images and display a preview of each picture while they are being saved. The output folder is automatically created in the installation directory. You may select the output format from the Settings menu, along with the new filename and picture quality.