Migrating to a new PC is no easy task. From files and folders to your favorite configurations, everything must not be forgotten to make you comfortable in the new working environment.

Aiming to make your job easier, WiFi Transporter provides a quick and easy method to migrate wireless network profiles from one computer to another.

Working with WiFi Transporter requires no prior knowledge. In fact, the application is actually extremely simple to use.

First, keep in mind that installation is not required, meaning WiFi Transporter is ready to go as soon as you double-click on the executable file. Secondly, the interface overly simplistic, displaying a list of all the available Wi-Fi profiles, as found in the computer’s log files. Alternatively, you can import configuration files for Wi-Fi networks to the application.

Each entry has its own checkbox, which can use to select the profiles you want to export. Once you choose to export the selected configuration, WiFi Transporter prompts you to enter a secure password that is then used for encrypting the resulting file. You can either export individual profiles or select and save the entire list into a single package.

On the target computer, you must also run WiFi Transporter to be able to import the data. Obviously, you are required to enter the correct password before being able to access the wireless network profiles.

An application such as WiFi Transporter comes in handy particularly If you need to migrate multiple Wi-Fi profiles to a large number of computers as soon as possible, as network administrators might have to. Considering the overly simple interface, it is clear that its focus was more on functionality rather than looks. On the other hand, a revamped GUI with more options and a decent appearance would probably make it more appealing.