Aside from getting the inspiration you need to build up the idea, creating good music requires reliable tools to work with. Providing advanced controls and various presets, WIGGLE is a  waveshaping synthesizer that manages to assist musicians in generating compelling sounds that are likely to be appreciated by an audience.

Beginners might feel a bit overwhelmed at first by the generous array of controls in WIGGLE's main window, but professionals might just be grateful that all the tools are one-click away.

To help you get the most out of its features, WIGGLE greets you with a short tutorial that shows you the most important buttons and explains their purpose, pointing to each area to help you get acquainted with the WIGGLE host. And while you can abort it anytime, it is advisable to take the time and follow each step.

WIGGLE features four built-in sound generators, each comprising various sound editing controls. Some allow you to shape waveforms, change the pitch, alter sound harmonics with phase distortion, make adjustments to the amplitude envelope, and more.

The synthesizer also features panning controls, an integrated low-frequency oscillator, filtering tools, and wave type mixing capabilities. It can perform FM synthesis, enclosing an FM matrix with various knobs to help you obtain the desired result.

The 3-band equalizer can control the sound frequency while the filters allow you to add different flavors to your music. WIGGLE also features a built-in phaser, delay and reverb tools, as well as master controls and modulation options, as well as a morph pad to take sound 'snapshots'.

With its sound tuning options, the rich filter collection and the integrated equalizer, WIGGLE brings to the table a rich array of tools for shaping the sounds and generating original and expressive music.

Thanks to its easy-to-control sound generators, WIGGLE proves to be a real asset in the hands of the expert electronic musician and a good learning tool in the toolbox of a beginner. Its capabilities exceed the ones mentioned above, meaning it's up to you to discover and enjoy the rest.