If you have a computer that is used by multiple accounts, you are continuously exposed to certain risks, such as accidental file deletion or private data access. It is considered good practice to use a software solution that can help you restrict the access of certain users to you computer's features and files. This way, you can safely protect your data, by making it inaccessible to certain users.

Win Control allows you to block the access of certain users to some of the key system features of your computer, such as Control Panel or Start Menu functions.

The application allows you to set or remove several system privileges for certain users. You are prompted to set a password in order to have access to the program, so that no other user can change the settings that you made. Furthermore, you can hide certain features from the Start Menu, Taskbar or Control Panel, so they cannot be accessed or ran by another user.

Win Control helps you hide all the elements on your Desktop, so that any private file will be hidden from prying eyes. In addition, you can block access to network settings, such as TCP/IP configuration, dial-up preferences or LAN properties.

The program even allows you to block certain critical system files that can be used to access certain control features that have been blocked, ensuring heightened security.

Additionally, you can disable Task Manager or certain registry editing tools, thus creating a safeguard against potentially harmful users or applications.

Win Control can help you tighten up the security of your computer and the files it contains by allowing you to set various privileges to certain user accounts. You will be able to keep your system safe and running, without unwanted modifications from other users.