Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating systems worldwide since its users were impressed not only with its looks, but also with its stability and many features.

However, there are also some specialized software solutions that can help you get even more from your OS, and Win7 iTweaker Pro is one of these utilities.

The application comes with a user-friendly graphic user interface that makes it easy for you to discover and understand its functions, even if you are not a tech-savvy person (on the other hand, experts could perform most of the supported tweaks using built-in Windows functions, so they would not need to purchase a dedicated app for this).

The main window of Win7 iTweaker Pro displays detailed info related to your computer, such as account name, product ID and key, service and architecture type, along with the total available RAM, kernel type, language, machine name and system uptime. You also get the chance to customize the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) data, by changing the manufacturer name, support URL or logo.

Considering all the features and adjustments are clearly presented, even novices could be tempted to try their hand at tweaking their computer, yet this should not be done without expert supervision, otherwise some of the alterations could affect the performance of the OS.

When it comes to improving the stability of the operating system, you can rely on Win7 iTweaker Pro to open the desktop and taskbar processes in a separate one from the standard Windows Explorer process, so they are not automatically closed in case of a crash.

You can also disable search indexer, the automatic folder view discovery, auto-detection of IDE drives during startup or updating Group Policy during startup, while deactivating the hibernation function can save you considerable space.

Due to Win7 iTweaker Pro, you can alter the 2nd level cache size of your RAM, the memory allocation percentage (between the programs and the system cache), whereas the page file can be cleared at shutdown.

You can also adjust some logon-related settings, disable the UAC (User Account Control) or prevent update check, all with only a few mouse clicks.

All in all, Win7 iTweaker Pro can be a nifty app for beginners who want to improve the speed and performance of their PC, yet they need to take the time to analyze the functions before altering their values.