You will find that sometimes, when you purchase your computer, the manafacturer will not include the Windows XP CD. The Windows XP CD is very pricey at best and is used to recover or completely reinstall the Operating System on your computer. The manafacturer will sometimes decide not to include it with your purchase to save you money, and ultimately; save them money too.

So? Usually manafacturers will then burn a copy of the CD on your hardrive in a folder named "I386", so you can then access it later on to recover or completely reinstall your operating system.

WinACCESS will scan your WINDOWS folder to check if this folder is present. Sometimes manafacturers do not include the Windows CD with your purchase OR in your hardrive in a copied form, so if WinACCESS scans your computer and fails to find the copied version of the CD, it will notify you. If it is present, it will allow you to access it and restore your computeror complete any other needed task that the software on the copied CD will allow you to perform.

Notice: Many users try the application on various computers and find that the result that WinACCESS outputs is that it does not have the built in Windows CD. Due to this, many users may render the software as not working, though it is fully functional and constantly maitained by ZenCore. Don't insert the Windows CD while using WinACCESS and expect it to output a message saying it has found it. It searches for the BUILT IN CD in hardrive C:, not the CD drive.


■ DirectX 8.0 drivers or higher

■ 32bit enabled graphics card