WinAudio Recorder is a lightweight piece of software developed to record sounds from your audio card.

The application doesn’t come with anything else but the essential options, so a single window grouping all tools should be enough.

You can quickly start a new recording right from the main screen, but there are also a bunch of configuration settings, such as device properties and volume.

In addition, WinAudio Recorder gives you the option to select a recording device in case several ones are installed on your computer, but also to choose an output folder to save the recording.

WinAudio Recorder can save the new recordings to WAV format and it works with any audio card out there.

While everything is impressively simple, WinAudio Recorder lacks many important features, such as hotkey support to quickly start and stop recordings.

Of course, the footprint on system performance is just minimal and you shouldn’t experience any significant slowdown. Everything worked like a charm during our testing, regardless of the Windows version. WinAudio Recorder doesn’t ask for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations.

To sum up, WinAudio Recorder is one of the simplest recording tools on the market, so it can be safely used by rookies too. A help manual is also included in the package, but chances are that only a few may actually open it, mostly thanks to the intuitive options included in the app.