Windos SCREENSAVER is a simple and easy to use desktop enhancement utility that you can rely on to mask what you are doing on your computer, whenever you take a break and want to prevent prying eyes from spying on you.

The program comprises several images of the Microsoft Windows logo through the years, as it has evolved from version to version. It also features an analog clock and a calendar, should you need them.

Windos SCREENSAVER comprises a wide array of customizable options, enabling you to decide how and when to show the pictures on your screen, even what music to play in the background.

While you cannot decide which images to display as a screensaver, the application lets you define the change interval for as many seconds as you want and the picture order (‘Sequential’, ‘Random’ or ‘Shuffle’).

Furthermore, you can set the position on the screen, to fit your desktop resolution, and you can select the transition effects to use (‘Door Close’, ‘Falling Columns’, ‘Unfolding Iris’, and countless others).

Windos SCREENSAVER allows you to mute all sounds or you can create and use your own playlist, adding your favorite songs to be rendered in the background. You can also define the ‘Exit Conditions’, be it a ‘Mouse Move’, ‘Mouse Button Click’, ‘Keyboard Button’ or the ‘ESC Button’. Optionally, you can hide the clock and the calendar.

To sum it up, Windos SCREENSAVER is a handy and effective tool that you can resort to as a method of hiding your desktop or of relaxing your sight during a break, its numerous adjustable features allowing you to decide how it should work.