Window Clippings is a small interesting tool that allowsyou to select any top-level window and capture an image of it. To begin, simply double-click the Window Clippings icon in the notification area (next to the Clock) or press the keyboard hot key that you configured using the Window Clippings options.

Window Clippings will by default simply save the image to the location you choose. You can however instruct it to prompt you for a file name and location every time a window clipping is created.

Four image formats are supported when saving to disk. Choose the format that is most appropriate for your needs.

Here are some key features of "Window Clippings":

В■ Use keyboard hot key

В■ Copy image to clipboard

В■ Save image to disk

В■ Automatically generate file name

В■ Prompt for storage location and file name

В■ Send image to OneNote

В■ Clear window background

В■ Include window shadow

В■ Set background color

В■ Include parent in selection

В■ Include multiple windows in selection

В■ Launch Options window from command line

В■ Launch capture screen from command line

В■ Hide notification icon

В■ Convert to black and white

В■ Include mouse pointer

В■ Allow object selection

В■ Freeze window during capture

В■ Delay before capture (to capture pop-ups)

В■ Copy file to clipboard

В■ Configurable image formats

В■ Post-save events

В■ Register and configure add-ins

В■ Crop or expand selection

В■ Quick select desktop, work area or monitor


В■ Various features are disabled in the demo version