Windows Controller is a software tool that was developed specifically to aid people in viewing existing Windows hotkeys, as well as modifying them or importing new ones.

The installation process does not offer to download or add new products that are not actually necessary for the program to function properly, and does not take longer than a few moments. The interface you come by presents a very simple design, as it is only comprised of a menu bar and two panels to display a list of the commands and details regarding them.

It is accessible to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers. If you actually run into some issues, you should know some FAQs are available online you can take advantage of.

This software utility supports multiple languages and can be placed always on top of all other opened windows, and you can view a short description of a command, as well as the keyboard shortcuts. The latter ones can be customized to your liking or can be removed altogether. New ones can be created, or you can import them from the hard drive, in an INI format. Moreover, it is also possible to export all this data using the aforementioned extension.

CPU and memory usage is minimal and therefore the computer’s performance is not going to be affected in any way, and you can run this program along with others, without encountering problems.

To wrap it up, Windows Controller is a tiny, yet efficient piece of software. It has a good response time, the interface is intuitive and our tests did not register any freezes or errors.