Since long now, Windows password recovery tools have provided users who had the misfortune of forgetting their login passwords with a much needed second chance.

A simple search on Google or directly on our website will provide dozens of such apps that promise to help recover or reset your password, including Windows Password Tool.

As its name clearly states, this is a piece of software that can help you remove login password of a broad range of Windows editions, from Windows NT all the way up to Windows 10, and all associated server versions, as well.

Another noteworthy feature of this app is the fact that it is capable of working with the three major account types, namely local accounts, Microsoft accounts (that require an email address to log in, Windows 8 or later), and even Active Directory (usually associated with business environments).

Add the fact that it's also designed to support both types of CPU architectures, 32- and 64-bit, and it becomes clear that this app offers an impressive range of usability for most users out there.

Right off the bat, we want to point out that the best thing about this tool is its user-friendliness. In point of fact, it can be used by literally anyone, regardless of his or her computer experience level.

Simply download the app and let yourself be guided through the process of creating a bootable media by the intuitive wizard. You can opt to create a bootable USB drive, in which case you have to make sure that it has at least 1 GB of usable storage, or a bootable CD/DVD ISO image.

Once your password reset bootable drive or ISO image is created, simply restart your computer, choose the media in question as the primary boot option, and select the version associated with your computer's CPU architecture. It's only at this point when you actually get to see the app's interface.

It might seem a bit strange at first, but everything the utility has to offer can be easily accessed from the upper menu bar. You will notice that there are four relevant menus that host a series of intuitive tools that can help you remove password, wipe out the contents of your computer's hard drive, recover various keys and files, as well as install miscellaneous drivers.

If you get stuck at some point in the process, please note that the app also comes with a well-documented Help section.

All in all, Windows Password Tool can be easily regarded as one of the most competent tools within its category. Not only is the app useful, but it's also easy to use, fairly well documented, and - cherry on top - it comes with a few extra features that extend the app's usefulness by a great extent. The only "catch?" Well, unfortunately, it's not free.