There are various situations when you simply forget your local password, thus not being able to access the system and your important files. Re-installing the operating system might not be the most suitable solution since all the configurations will be lost.

Nevertheless, using applications that help you to create a bootable CD / DVD or USB device allow you to recover or reset the password without affecting the integrity of your computer and here is where Windows Password Unlocker Professional comes in handy.

As its name implies, the application helps you to reset forgotten or lost Windows local passwords and modify account properties according to your needs. It helps you to create a password reset CD / DVD or USB flash drive so you can get back your files and documents in minutes.

The main window of the application displays two options you can make use of in order to create a new local domain admin account so you can access the system again.

After selecting the target device you are interested in and booting your locked computer from the burned disk or USB flash drive, you can easily reset the Windows password, regardless of its length or complexity.

Afterward, simply restart the computer and press the F2, Delete or F10 key to enter your BIOS Setup. From here, you need to set the device priority so if you created a bootable CD / DVD, you need to move the ‘CDROM’ option to the first position. Next, save the settings and close the BIOS window.

When the computer boots from the selected device or flash drive, you will notice that the application now displays all the login information, allowing you to reset the selected password under Win PE within a few clicks.

To wrap it up, Windows Password Unlocker Professional proves to be a practical application that helps users to immediately reset local administrator accounts and other user passwords.