If you have been worrying that others may run some critical software installed in your computer, WinFilter will be a good choice. Winfilter is the software that can toggle the visibility of almost any object on your computer, from the desktop icons to the start menu icons and the icons on the quick launch bar, from the files and the folders to the hard disk drives on your computer. Winfilter also give you the ability to turn on/off some important Windows features. By hiding files, folders and hard disk drives, you protect your privacy.

Winfilter protects your computer privacy from unwanted users that may acces your computer you can pre-define filter policy and save it as file for several occassion. For example, you can hide all office-involved tool for home occassion and save it as home.wf, and hide all entertainment-involved tool for office occassion and save it as office.wf. in the case you works in office, just load office.wf to apply office filter policy; in the case you are at home, just load home.wf to apply home filter policy. How easy it works. Learn more...

Here are some key features of "Winfilter":

■ Hide/display any item on your desktop

■ Hide/display any item on your programs list.

■ Hide/display any item on quick launch.

■ Hide/display any item on start menu for current user.

■ Hide/display any item on start menu for all users.

■ Restrict special function to current user.

■ Restrict special function to all users


■ 30 days trial