Statistical data can be hard to manage, especially if it involves large quantities of information and hard-to-follow notions. Most of the time, this data is contained into Excel spreadsheets, or even CSV documents that are even harder to work with, due to their lack of formatting.

WINKS SDA (Windows Kwikstat) is an application that analyzes all of this information for you, using a wide variety of statistical procedures that aim to properly explain the results and even generate graphs to help you better visualize the data. In addition, it can also interpret the conclusions and allows you to manually enter your own data into a familiar spreadsheet format.

In case the information is stored in another document, the utility enables you to import a wide variety of files and retrieve the values from them, while also arranging them in table form for your convenience. The supported formats include Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, plain text files and CSV documents.

The main purpose of the application is to help you make sense of your data, as well as interpret various statistical information. To that effect, WINKS SDA (Windows Kwikstat) comes with a wide range of calculations and operations you can perform on the data. Among these, you can find descriptive statistics, confidence intervals and crosstabulations, all of which aim to synthesize useful information from albeit confusing values and statistical data.

Furthermore, the utility can generate a wide array of graphs and charts based on the presented data, which can be used in presentations or for studying purposes, since they are much less difficult to follow than plain text information. You can choose between a multitude of pie and bar charts, histograms and even correlation matrices.

In the end, despite it being a tool for more experienced users who have a good understanding of statistics and data analysis, WINKS SDA (Windows Kwikstat) delivers a large amount of options and possibilities. The useful import function is also a nice addition, since you can easily bring data from other sources and make your work easier.