WinPIS is a reliable application that offers you extended functions for playlist control and is suitable for radio broadcasting. The tool works with Winamp and it is designed to add multiple features to the media player, such as a powerful playlist manager. Moreover, it enables you to insert commercial jingles at any time.

WinPIS comes with two components, namely the Broadcast application and the desktop Client. The latter is designed to help you configure playlist automation, the media library, interpolation function, voice overs or the pre-play manager.

The Client also enables you to scan the local drives for audio tracks and quickly import them in the library. Moreover, it allows you to create separate collections for jingles, sweepers and overlapping audio streams.

The Interpolation option is designed to automate the broadcast pre-configured blocks of songs or commercials. You can easily schedule particular audio files to play at the desired moments.

The main application in the WinPIS bundle is Broadcasting OnAir, which works with Winamp functions. It allows you to access the pre-made settings and playlists from a central database, extract the media library from Winamp and insert jingles/sweepers.

Moreover, it allows you to manage the interpolation schedule and broadcast specific playlists, recorded shows, news, commercials or individual tracks at a certain hour. The software also supports rendering voice overs, for announcements or commentaries.

The bundle includes archiving functions, broadcasting logger, jingle manager and a PFL function, which allows you to render tracks on a different sound card.

WinPIS allows you to configure an individual media library, however, you may also import the playlists from Winamp. The software bundle is easy to use and creates separate icons, so you may manage it in a simple manner. Winamp needs to be installed on your computer, in order to access WinPIS’s functions.