Using a local area network or a VPN can be more secure than using the Internet. That's why some users whose computers are part of a LAN would prefer to use it in order to send messages and files.

Winpopup LAN Messenger is an application that can help them do just that.

Installing the application is quick and easy.

If the user's network already has a Winpopup LAN Messenger server, they can specify its IP and address and port during the process. If not, they can choose to install the program in serverless mode. The program can also attempt auto-detect the server's connection details.

Before the installation process is complete, the application can be configured to forbid users from changing their Winpopup names. The application also offers to create an exception for itself in Windows Firewall.

The main window of the application provides access to all of its functions, while being intuitive and user-friendly. One can send messages or pop-ups, change their username and details, create groups and start conferences, view their chat logs and history, all in a few clicks.

Of note is the fact that the interface can be toggled between two modes. The default enables one to send pop-up messages that appear above the recipient's system tray. The other mode features a more compact layout and behaves like a common instant messaging client, in which users can send or receive messages in dedicated windows.

Users can also customize the fonts used, attach files to their messages and insert emoticons.

The application provides handy, useful and easy to use features to those who need to communicate via instant messages, or send files on their local area network. The application is easy to both install and configure. During testing it exhibited no unusual behaviors such as crashes or freezes.