WinSafe not only backs up your bootup system files but also

backs up the Vmm32.vxd file. It moniters your system

files on startup, shutdown, backup, and restore. It quitely

watch over your vmm32 folder and watches for some nasty trojans.

Some trojans play with the registry and like to alter keys

in the registry; like the opencommand exefile key.

WinSafe tells you about these changes before you shutdown to prevent you for having to format.

WinSafe offers 7 ways to recover from a crash, 6 utilities, 6 reports, 4 repair utilities, 3 ways to Registry backups,virus scanner, Hardware diagnose, repair system files and Icons, 18 Dos commands.

An automatic Registry backup when restoring.

A online help of all

WinSafes features. Just Click on the Safe.

WinSafe saves all vital information and restores your system back to operating condition when you find yourself in Safe Mode, C prompt,

or a crash. It even enables DOS for Windows Millennium when needed.

It also gives you quick access to all the files and utilities that you need to recover. It restores your Registry and other vital files in a second. You can even recover from the Dos prompt if you get locked out of Windows by simply typing the word WINSAFE . It

comes with all the tools and information needed to restore.

WInSafe even tells you when your system files change, when there are corrupted and when to backup. It stops you from exiting

windows or backing up if you system filse are corrupted.