WinSetter - A skinnable utility that helps you set hidden settings of Windows XP. WinSetter acts as a GUI frontend that makes easier for you to set many settings of Windows XP that don't have GUIs.

In Main section of WinSetter, one can set 25 different aspects of Windows XP, while in Extras section, you can set 4 others.

From Win Tools section of WinSetter, you can start 12 Windows XP built-in tools that you can use to manage your Windows XP computer.

You can set 24 different aspects of Windows XP

WinSetter logs every it's operations that are performed to your Windows XP so it makes easier for you to keep track all the changes that you made.

Here are the registration benefits if you purchase this software:

■ 21 additional settings in Set Add or Remove Programs Settings module.

■ 9 additional settings in Set Display Properties Settings module.

■ 1 additional setting in Set Folder Options Settings module.

■ 24 additional settings in Set Internet Options Settings module.

■ 3 additional settings in Set Scheduled Tasks Settings module.

■ 6 additional settings in Set Start Menu Settings module.

■ 1 additional setting in Set System Settings module.

■ 1 additional setting in Set Task Manager Settings module.

■ 10 modules in Extras section.

WinSetter options and feature in Options section.

■ Features in Log section.

■ Help for the development of future version


■ 15 days trial