WinShake is a small software application that supplies users with several tweaking functions for Windows. It is easy to install and set up.

Once installed, WinShake's features can be accessed by opening its icon's context menu, which is placed in the system tray area.

For example, you can double-click the middle button of the mouse on the title bar of any window to trigger a shaking effect while minimizing all the other windows.

Furthermore, if you click the middle-mouse button at the right of the clock in the taskbar or on the Start button, the windows become fully transparent.

Other features of WinShake let you enable keyboard shortcuts, set the "quick peek" and animation speed, adjust the transparency level of the windows, as well as enable PeekTop to click the middle-mouse button on the Close button of a window, so that it turns transparent and you can view the content underneath it, just to name a few. Settings can be restored to their factory values at any time.

WinShake does not put a strain on the computer's overall performance, as it runs on a very low amount of CPU and system memory. It has a good response time to key strokes and mouse events, and works smoothly. No error dialogs have been shown in our evaluation and the application did not hang or crash. Thanks to its complete documentation, users of any skill level can seamlessly figure out how to work with WinShake.