WinShredder is a tool designed to help you permanently delete various files, such as Recycle Bin contents, chat transcripts, temporary Internet files, photographs, clipboard data, search history, passwords, Internet history, cookies and any other file you want it to.

The app comes with a clean interface and a step-by-step tutorial, in case you need help going through the various options available.

While most data deleted through the native Windows method either remains on the hard-drive or can be recovered easily with the help of various software, WinShredder is designed to completely delete your files.

Furthermore, to make sure the data is completely deleted, the software allows you to set as many wipes as you want when shredding. By overwriting the file, you make sure the information is corrupted and can no longer be recovered.

By accessing the "Options" of this software, you can modify the default number of wipes performed on a file and choose a method, or, in layman's terms, a security level for the deletion. Users can select between the normal, enhanced or ultra methods.

If there are directories you don't want the software to access, you can simply add them to the "Do Not Shred Folder Location". Furthermore, you can enable "Instant Shred", an option that wipes files without asking you if you've changed your mind.

All in all, WinShredder is a nice tool, with an easy-to-use interface. The intuitive layout should help users of all levels of expertise figure out all that the software has to offer.