The Internet is home to nearly any piece of info you need either for work or leisure purposes. In order to gain access to favorite web pages you need an application that can do so. Winslew is one of them and promises to further enhance you navigation experience even while in offline mode.

Running the application brings up the main window, equipped with all necessary tools to get you browsing in no time. An integrated function allows you to visit favorite web pages without the need of an external application.

The web browser put at your disposal is pretty straightforward, with decent navigation speed, but no advanced features. Multiple tabs are not supported, but you can easily save pages and have them opened only when needed. However, this also affects offline browsing as well, because you have to run multiple instances of the application to keep more pages open.

Depending on the content you are interested in, page quality can be set to minimum, so that saving and loading is done as fast as possible.

Links you store for later use are displayed in a list, along with details such as custom tags, date added and updated, as well as URL. Selecting an entry automatically opens content in the integrated browser.

Moreover, you are able to toggle the read state of pages, modify title and even have it open in an external application.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Winslew is a handy application that can store web pages of interest on your hard disk drive for offline availability. The integrated browser lets you set up the list in a matter of seconds. Even though it's not the best of its kind, it manages to live up to expectations and provide the promised result.