Instagram is one of the most fascinating social media platforms out there, as it allows all its users to capture and share everything from basic day to day activities up to some of the world’s most beautiful places and moments, freezing them in time and transforming them into works of art with the help of numerous easy-to-apply filters.

Regardless of what phone you have, Instagram is great. However, when it comes to desktop use, users can opt for the web-app, which doesn’t offer full-functionality to its users, or for a great number of unofficial Instagram clients.

In the “best Instagram clients” section, we find Winsta, an unofficial Instagram client made specifically for Windows 10 devices. In short, the application is designed to offer one of the best user experiences on Instagram on Windows 10.

Just as long as users have access to the Microsoft Store, Winsta can be installed in a matter of seconds with no more than a few mouse clicks. As expected, users are prompted to log in using their official Instagram credentials (or Facebook credentials) upon first launching the application.

Boasting a dark-themed GUI, the application looks right at home on all devices running Windows 10. The app’s main window is comprised out of a left-sided panel and the actual viewer area on right side. The main menus are as follows: Home, Activities, Messages, Search, and Explore.

Better yet, users are also provided with the option of adding stories as well as content to their feed via two dedicated buttons at the top of the main window. The Home section is where the Insta feed is displayed, while the Activities is the place where users can view everything from likes, comments, and who started following their accounts.

Users can also change their account details, or access a large number of other options from the Settings menu. The app allows them to also tweak various aspects regarding how the stories are viewed, block users, activate the two-factor authentication, and even find contacts. It’s also worth noting that the app comes with support for private accounts.

All in all, thanks to its smooth mix of practicality and good looks, Winsta is one of the best Instagram clients currently available for Windows 10 users. It’s true that the application offers very little in terms of customization, but that’s not exactly something that can be reproached because, as we all know, Instagram is not the most customizable platforms out there.