WinStyles is a reliable and user-friendly program whose main purpose is to offer you the ability of customizing the appearance of your system’s skins, icons and themes with items other than the Microsoft-developed ones.

This piece of software enables you to resort to third-party utilities, like WindowBlinds, WinAmp, Trillian, and DesktopX, in order to alter the looks of your computer, by extending the regular Windows theme to support many others.

While Windows only provides you with a handful of icons, wallpapers and skins, with WinStyles, you can benefit from a wide array of fun and colorful themes, including entire icon packages, so you can fully customize how your PC looks and feels, with a minimal level of effort.

Once installed, WinStyles integrates into the ‘Display Properties’ section on your system, creating its own tab and allowing you to make any adjustments you see fit on your computer.

There, it displays the current skin for a selected Windows application, and enables you to browse through the other available options, using your mouse scroll wheel. To pick one, you can simply click in its corresponding checkbox, then hit ‘Apply’.

WinStyles works on multiple levels, as it allows you to alter not only the desktop wallpaper or the skins of Windows applications; it also lets you modify title bars, push buttons and scroll bars, as well as the start menu and the right-click menu. Using third-party tools, you can change the appearance of all these elements to the more appealing ones, without interfering with their functionality in any way.