WinTabber is a very useful tool that will open specific applications, documents, images and more into tabs.

A terminal or shell with tabs work faster and efficiently! Having multiple windows as tabs will give a better overview of your windows than before. Also having multiple ssh sessions by the click of a tab works faster and efficiently.

The tab style user interface is convenient for switching between multiple terminals, browsers and many other programs. WinTabber wants to be independent, and compatible with many common applications

WinTabber is initially made to add a tabbed interface to (ssh) terminal programs, like putty, to manage multiple connections.

WinTabber cleans up the desktop by grouping multiple (arbitrary) windows into 1 container, keeping the taskbar clean.

It is possible to have multiple instances of WinTabber loaded so that you can make window groupings for different projects (x shells for project1 and x shells for project 2 .. 3,4).